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Welcome to IslandHealth.Info

This site is for anyone who is reflecting on healthy systems and healthy choices. More and more frequently, I hear people developing an interest in health: for themselves, their relatives, their communities and for the natural environment. My own interests in these areas have been amplified since I moved to a small island on Canada’s west coast.

I am not—and have never been—a health care professional. My background is in natural systems and learning; my PhD is in Human and Organizational Systems. Through this site, I hope to be a catalyst: linking readers with health-related ideas and resources.

On IslandHealth.info my areas of focus will include:

  • choices we make about food and other purchases;
  • healthy diet options, including my work with a local organic grain miller, and with organic gardening;
  • the growing importance of supplements, including USANA as a company with high quality supplements;
  • relationships amongst health issues and healthy practices at different levels, such as personal and community.

At  www.4KM.net I focus more on my professional work with leadership, knowledge creation and flow in complex systems.  ~Alice MacGillivray, Gabriola Island Canada. E-mail: Alice@IslandHealth.info

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