What is more important than children’s health?

Our children are grown now, but their health remains a high priority for us. As children, they started off with Usanimals (which they loved), then moved onto USANA’s core nutritional products for teens and adults. Their health remains excellent.

I recently had the opportunity to talk with biochemist Lyle McWilliams who has done extensive research into supplement quality. He speaks very highly of USANA products and  is disappointed in the quality of many others on the market. I appreciate the fact that there are people like Dr. McWilliams taking the mystery out of reading labels.

Fall is an exciting time for children as they head back to school and get involved with extracurricular activities. It is also a time when parents hope their children’s immune systems are at their best.  USANA Health Sciences make children’s vitamins, which Dr. Christine Wood describes as “offering the highest quality and an excellent balance of ingredients.” These supplements are made with the same high standards and quality controls as the “Essentials” for adults.

Want to learn more about how Usanimals compare with other products?

And here is a poster to help your children learn about the value of different nutrients: UsanimalsVitaminGlanceFlyer